Startup marketing jobs in UP – INDIA

Company- Painta Chem India.

It has manufacturing experience in Industrial Coating and Thinners.It serves multiple market segments.

Position- Business Executive


  • Maintain relationship with exiciting customer.
  • Pitching production and service.
  • Identify new sales lead.

Daily jobs-

  • Reasearching organisation and indivisuals online.And to identify new markets and new potential.
  • Reasearching the need of other organisation who make descission about purchasing.
  • Contact clients via email ,phone and set up meeting.
  • planning and overseeing new marketing intiatives.
  • Attend conference,meetings and events

Onfield activity-

  • Ready power point presentation and display for sales.
  • Inform about new development in the company’s product to customers.
  • Create Quotes and proposals.
  • Negotiation by phone or email or in person.
  • Sales goal development.
  • Met goals.
  • Helping to new employee and to develop their skills.

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