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Mechanical technician engineering jobs-USA

Jobs Description-

Position- Maintenance Technician Mechanical(MTM)


Maintenance Technician job duties-

Make repairs as per requirement of mechanical service.Operate equipment. Provide assistant in operation.Which is necessary to keep equipment running.Have to work alone with minimal supervision.And with other technician.Perform maintenance task.Co ordinate other technician to perform maintenance task.Valid driving licence required to operate moile equipment.

Qualification-Mechanical technician engineering jobs

Candidate must have High school diploma ,GED,or equivalent. Must have 3 year experience in mechanical maintenance. Candidate must be at least 18 year old.Willing to work at height.Must have experience in trouble shooting/repairing mechanical system,Print reading,Hydraulic system,Pneumatic system,welding,burning,pipe fitting,rigging,Crane operation,crane repair.

Other Requirement

candidate must have excellent communication skills.Highly motivated.Willing to work in self directed team.Candidate should work in minimal supervision environment.candidate should excellent attendance record.Willing to work in flexible time,overtime according to company.


  • Maintenance Technician Candidate must have to pass /qualify successfully on a computerized mechanical maintenance test.It can be consider for the position.In this requirement maintenance technician candidate will enter a crafting training program consisting of classroom and the on job training.Must passed successfully job related factor tests.
  • Candidate should work in shift work including rotation. Shift,weekends,and holidays also.Candidate can be work for 8 to 10 hours per day.Both in door and out door environment will be provided for candidates.Including hot ,cold,and nosy environment will be their for work.There will be height for work .candidates must work in height with safety belt and all PPEs. Successful candidate will be provide computer for Microsoft office and other package software application.
  • Candidates have to lift weight up to 50 kg from ground level to chest level.Successfully pass a drug scene and background check.Must pass a physical exam before employment.
  • Probation period will be 1040 hour which must be completed successfully.

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